Monday, November 15, 2010

Murder I Wrote :- Prologue

“A wannabe writer’, that’s the best way you could have described me. Short stories with a twisted end, people had come to expect that out of me now. But that was a year back, since then things had changed. Something un-fathomable had happened, now I was famous, a well-known writer is what I had become. Of-course there was this petition wherein they wanted me to ban my writing in the larger interest of society. But that did not stop me from writing my thoughts.

The amazing thing was, all this was exciting to the world, almost unthinkable, almost vodooish. However for me, there was something missing, at first I too was kicked about this, but then slowly the feeling of being GOD decreased. My already inflated Ego was growing and it wanted more. Sometimes I felt I was no longer in control, this dream-run of mine was no longer good enough.

The media frenzy around all of this was unparalleled. God, Satan, Suspect were just a few of the names they were calling me. But I craved for more, I wanted to be a hero the world had never seen. German Police, French Police, NYPD everyone was eating out of my hands, the ones who were not, were because I did not want them to. I thought to myself, this power that i have has helped a lot of people, and a lot of bloodshed was seen which some accused me for, but now it was time for me to write my BLOCKBUSTER novel. I had it all planned, a grand launch, maybe I would span the story across continents or across years, i could do whatever i wanted, i was my own destiny writer.

I was sure of what I was doing, but I knew I would get no support, not from ever supportive wife, not from my family, not from friends. But this was my tru-calling, there is a fine line between being a lunatic and being a genius. I was about to explore that line. I was about to write my ever-so-popular murder mystery, only this time it was gonna be MY murder mystery.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pace of Life

Always knew that life has a fast pace, have known that since my school teachers said “You guys will miss these days of your life, no one cares for students like SCHOOL teachers do”, while hitting us on our palms with a wooden ruler. With blood red palms the school days just zipped by.

Then came college life, which too went by in no time. But during that our chemistry madam always told us “Don’t spend your life sitting in the canteen, you never know when life will leave you behind and if you don’t attend my classes I will kick your ass” (She actually said that, and in eleventh standard, it’s a big deal if your teacher says ASS and doesn’t mean a donkey.)

After college, dad decided to take over the reigns of reiterating the mantra of life. Every morning he would yell, “Do something in life, look at Jayesh, at your age he's already got an M-tech degree, you at least get a life!”

Having had enough, I decided to tame this wild horse called life and made a oh-so-wise (proven wrong over time) move of getting a girl and a little bit of work if time permitted, and for the first time, the wild horse wasn’t running away. No one was yelling about the hectic pace of life, I thought I had finally mastered the art of keeping up with times.

But all bubbles burst, so did my so-called “In-control-of-life” bubble. A few days back, a ring on my left hand (courtesy my “fiancée”) showed that life was on the move again. And this time life is having gala of a time at my expense. Here’s how

My brother, who I considered OLD since the day he got married, is awaiting me to come on his side of the fence.

My 30-year-old-married friend has a stupid smirk on her face ever since I got engaged.

My building chic who is only 2 years younger than I am is calling me an UNCLE.

People expect me to grow up

Random chics start a conversation in the lift

Fiancée has this look on her face that she is going to tame me

Mom & Dad keeps saying “Now we’ll see whether you are a lion or a timid cat”

My recently married friend (my only solace) seems like he is trying to tell me “Run, Vijay Run” but somehow can’t muster the courage because his wife is around.

A marathi movie called “Zak marli bayko keli” (Shaadi karke fas gaya yaar kinds) gets released on the day of my engagement

So my message to all you guys is, life is fast so keep up with it, for if you think you are in control of it, it turns you into a 25 year old Engaged uncle staring down the barrel of the deadliest weapon called marriage.

Disclaimer:- If my in-laws or fiancée happens to read this, please don’t change your minds. This post should not encourage people to start addressing me as an uncle and finally to my guy gang, you can run you can hide, but will meet the same fate as I did.